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Focus on ultrasonic equipment
20 years



Sincerity:Always put?consumers'?profit?in the?first place, keep sincerity, ingenuity, responsibility。
Honesty:Genuinely?and sincerely?treat?every?customer,?every?product.
Quality: Control the quality?of the raw materials?and?ensure ?our?products?are?of?good?quality strictly
Jiapu, Started from 1999, collection?research and development,?design,
? production,?sale,?installation?and?after-sales?service?as?one?of the?ultrasonic ?business.

JiaPu products

12 series products??integrated ultrasonic equipment

Why Jiapu dare to promise

Strict control
  • International board

    The company adopts imported raw materials and high-quality components, aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, solid and rust free; good setting effect, simple operation, high stability and low failure rate.
  • Exquisite workmanship

    The introduction of advanced production technology at home and abroad, many years of experience in the industry engineers, high-quality staff team, formed a team of dare to fight Dare to compete with others, do not let go of every detail, strictly control it, have relevant quality value requirements, and strictly select the national standard thickness Aluminum, using 1 series, 3 series of high-purity aluminum, never cut corners to save costs.
  • Wide variety of models

    Jiapu machinery is a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment, which integrates research, design, production, marketing and service. It has a strong technical force, unique production skills, and the continuous introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, reliable product quality, system stability, to achieve technical instructions. Various models and patterns.
  • Customizable on demand

    It has formed a series of products such as ultrasonic sewing machine,ultrasonic quilting machine,ultrasonic welding machine , ultrasonic mask machine , pleating machine and other disposable product making machine etc. Easy to operate, fully automatic control frequency regulation, torque motor, constant winding tension. Various patterns, can be customized on demand!
  • Long life
  • Easy operation

International board


Exquisite workmanship


Various models


Customizable on demand

24-Hour Hotline +8618761195338

Jiapu customer case

From China to the world, Jiapu proves quality with examples

JiaPu???20 years of brand precipitation

Professional ultrasonic equipment supplier integrating R & D, design, production and customization

Glory full of walls???Quality witness

Gap thanks the market and customers for their recognition and Awards


Focus on Jiapu,Control the trend of ultrasonic equipment


Jiapu ultrasonic, no less than the customer's trust!
Contact Us
Consultation hotline:0519-85858519
Sales Department:+8618761195338(Mr. Zhu)
?2019-2028??Changzhou jiapu mechanical equipment co., LTD??????
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